Our Process

 From our first contact with a homeowner to the project’s completion, Capital Renovations Group strives to fulfill its promise of exceptional customer service, minimized disruption to family living and customer satisfaction.  As a full service Design/Build renovation company, our primary focus is to be your one point of accountability all the way through your renovation project.  Here’s a step-by-step look at what you can expect:

Step 1:  In-Home Design Consultation

After having our initial phone conversation about your project and establishing that your project scope is a good fit for both parties, we meet with you in your home for a complimentary, in-home design consultation.  During this meeting, we will further discuss your ideas and explore your options.  We walk through your spaces to fully define your vision and goals.  We will have an in depth conversation with you about our process and how we approach the project.  We are not taking photos or measurements during this meeting.   We are listening to you and understanding your vision.  At this time, we will determine if you want to move forward to the next phase.

Step 2:  Preliminary Design Phase and Feasibility Study

Not all projects are the same.  Some projects require an architect, designer or structural engineer.  A determination is made of who will be needed for your project.  A Design Agreement and retainer for design services will be required as we develop the concepts and preliminary budget that is used to see if we are on the mark with the design and budget range .  The retainer will be based on the complexity of the project and which team services are needed.  In some cases, we work with your designer or architect or we work directly with our own.  It is at this point that if you decide not to move forward you may terminate the agreement.

Step 3: Design Development Phase

We are all about details in this phase. You will be involved in product and materials selections for your project.   Architectural and engineering drawings are finalized and approved.  These drawings are used for building permits.  We also check zoning regulations and everything that is required to move forward.

Once plans and selections are made, bids for labor and materials are finalized.  We are able to give you a final contract budget.

Step 4:  Construction Contract Phase

Our construction contract is executed and the necessary deposits needed to begin the project are collected.  This amount is usually 10% of the total contracted amount.  Many products and materials are then ordered for your project.  Plans are submitted for building permits.  This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the municipality.

A pre-construction conference with the project manager and homeowner is scheduled.  We will review your start date, logistics of dumpster, port-a-let, security and more.

Step 5:  Construction Phase

We interface with homeowners regularly.  You will receive a weekly progress report from your Project Manager.  This weekly report informs you about what has been done for the week, what is next on the schedule, etc.   On-site meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the project.

As construction progresses, payments/draws occur approximately every two weeks based on percent (%) of project completion.

Step 6:  Completion and Warranty

Once the project is complete, a completion walk through is done with the Project Manager to address or document any unresolved issues that need attention.

It is our goal for you to be 100% satisfied with your new space and have peace of mind moving forward.  Capital Renovations Group offers a two year warranty on any of the work completed by us.  All plumbing, electrical and mechanical work is warranted for three years.  All structural/foundation work is warranted for 10 years.

Visit our online portfolio, to see examples of our award-winning projects.